Mr. Submarine is the People’s Sandwich

Where can you get lunch for less than $7 in 2019?  Mr. Sub!



It’s been awhile since I last visited any of the Mr. Submarine locations.  I used to live off the 2 Mr. Subs for $5.45 deal at the one on Fullerton back in my Lincoln Park days.  There’s a classic Mr. Sub in Beverly on Western.  Today, I was in Brookfield to get my oil changed at Don’s 47th Street Garage.  Don ends his lunch break at 1:30.  I-55 was running clear, so I got out there with 15 minutes to spare.  Plenty of time to order & eat at Mr. Sub – a couple blocks from the garage.

I got a regular turkey and a bottle of water.  Total cost: $6.48.

Unfortunately I blew my savings just minutes later when I stopped at 7-11 on Ogden for a coffee.  The coffee was cheap, but I grabbed a canister of Mentos gum for the car.  The sticker said $1.99 but the register rang it up for $4.59.  I asked about the discrepancy and the lady explained, “Oh, yeah…that sticker is mislabeled.”  Okay.  Whatever.  I’ve got plenty of car gum now.

Back to my turkey sub, which was a bargain compared to the Mentos gum.  And if I scheduled my oil change on Wednesday, the turkey sub would’ve been on special for 3-something.  Ham is the Tuesday special and I wasn’t feeling the ham.  Noted for 6 months from now, when I’m due back at Don’s.  Friendly, honest, quick-service at Don’s, BTW, if you have car trouble.

The bread is fresh and tasty at Mr. Sub.  I think it’s really the key.


The subs aren’t fancy, just reliably good and filling.  Plus, the menu is far-reaching – with everything from gyros to pizza puffs to a basket of shrimp.  Plus, their featured pop is R.C. Cola.

Mr. Sub…always there for an affordable lunch.





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