The Vig in Old Town

Agreed to keep an eye on my cousin’s dog while he’s outta town, back in my old neighborhood – Old Town. Black lab, a good boy…here he is doing his business by a van:

There’s always one bar on Wells Street where all the beautiful people go. Used to be Benchmark, now it’s The Vig. I occasionally grabbed a beer at The Vig back in my time here, before it became the “in” spot. The menu includes what I’ll say is the best turkey burger in Chicago.

The sweet potato fries come with a weird mustard dip, so I had to ask for ketchup. I requested some from the bringer of food and she delivered me an entire thimble-full of Heinz with a smile.

The Dovetail Helles lager washed it all down nicely last night, as I watched the Cubs beat the Dodgers on the big screen.

My bartender was attentive and got the Cubs on right in front of my barstool. About the 6th inning, two guys sat down next to me. Little did I know, the one closest to me considered himself a guru of all things sports. One of those guys who possesses the rare ability to talk through the entire game, not paying attention to the action at all, yet hold total expertise on everything he didn’t see happen.

He spent the rest of the game explaining the Cubs to his pal, and everyone else within earshot – which is a big circle when you’re very loud. He went out on a limb to declare Javy Baez the Cubs’ best player – “better than Rizzo…” he explained to his wide-eyed companion because of Javy’s ability to play multiple positions. He claimed to know that Schwarber was gonna be a “bust” even back when the slugger was dominating the 2016 World Series. Such amazing foresight. How lucky I was to be just sitting there, watching the game when he sat down next to me. I bit my tongue as he detailed how David “Bo-TAY” is utilized by Joe Maddon. He even compared Jose Quintana’s curveball to his own – I’m assuming back in high school? Hell, could be beer softball league.

Ah, well – I’m sure he just had a few in him. I’ve probably been that half-informed loud guy at a bar myself. In fact, I know I have. If I’d had a few more in me I probably would’ve turned and talked baseball with him all evening. Alas, I cut myself off after a few and headed back home to let the dog out.

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