Playoff Sunday – Bear Down!

It’s the day the entire city has been awaiting.  The Bears host the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Wildcard today.  The game isn’t until 3 and I’m already pacing around.  Trey Burton suddenly has a groin issue and might miss the game.  That’s a concern, but I’m not devastated by the surprise addition to the injury list.  Adam Shaheen is more than capable.  Eddie Jackson is a game time decision.  Sure would be nice to have 100 percent of Eddie Jackson.

I’m concerned because the Eagles have experience.  They have reigning Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles.  And they’ve been playing well lately, charging into the playoffs.

But then I remind myself that the Bears have been great this entire season and have a pretty good winning streak themselves.  Plus, they’re at home, where they tend to play brilliant football.  Oh, and #52…the difference maker.  Khalil Mack is the best player on the field.

However it turns out (and it’s gonna be a Bears victory today, am I right?) let’s remember the future is bright.  Let’s say the Bears win but fall next weekend in Los Angeles.  Let’s not turn on Mitch if he has a subpar game.  Hope abounds and we bring almost everyone back, although I know continued success in the NFL is no guarantee.

I don’t know if I should go somewhere for the game or watch at home so I can really take it all in.  My neighbors are going to Whirlyball for $5 burgers at the bar during the game.  Maybe I’ll do that.  It’s close to home if I feel the need for home base.  Or maybe a big crowd is better.  I’ve got a few hours to decide.

Bear Down, everyone.  Bear Down and rejoice.



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