Bulls Scuffle in OKC

Robin Lopez got ejected after his 2nd technical.  He dropped the basketball on Jerami Grant after wrestling with him earlier.  Russell Westbrook started a shoving match with Kris Dunn then everybody got involved.  The Bulls were down big at the time of the fight and lost by 25.

I thought Dunn played well again.  He got some shitty calls, as usual.  So did Bobby Portis, who is rediscovering his effective post game.  Overall, it was an example of a terrible referee performance.  I don’t think it cost the Bulls a victory, but perhaps the final score wouldn’t have been quite as ugly.  Lauri went for 16 pts & 15 rebounds, even though his shot is still off.  Wendell struggled to stay on the court, continually plagued by foul trouble.  Rookie problems.

The more I watch this Bulls team, the more confused I become with regards to who they’ll become.  Kris Dunn looks so solid at points and I really enjoy his game.  I’m hoping he gets back to pre-injury Dunn from last year and keeps rising.  He’s been that way the last 2 games.  The Finnisher’s ball skills have been a little sloppy of late.  I have to believe he’s still working his way back from the first non-basketball playing months of his life and will regain his court supremacy in full come January or so.  LaVine remains out with an ankle.  What’s it gonna take to get Dunn, LaVine, Markkanen & Carter on the court at the same time for an extended stretch?  Maybe by next week.  Bulls return home Wednesday to host Brooklyn.  Some home cookin’ might be just what the doctor ordered.  Let’s get one.



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