Xmas Party for Rising Chicago Tech Company Cameo + Chat with Founder Steven Galanis

Cameo, Chicago’s hottest new tech company, held it’s Xmas party at their new Fulton Market office space on the corner of Kinzie & Aberdeen Wednesday night.  I sat down with Cameo founder & Glenview native Steven Galanis for a few minutes to ask about what’s in store for Cameo’s future.  As we made our way to a quiet room for a private chat, we were stopped by at least 6 different women who wanted me to take their picture with Steven.  Remember how Zuck & Eduardo couldn’t believe it when they first started getting approached by Facebook groupies in “The Social Network” movie?  Steven seems to be living that life right now.  He’s a rock star.  And, although he didn’t have to, he gave me a few minutes of his time, which I appreciate.  Not my best interview – like I forgot to ask follow up questions about the new office space and for more about his personal background (later a guy who knows him told me Steven used to work for LinkedIn and now the LinkedIn founder is an investor in Cameo) and, duh, the one obvious question I should’ve asked, How did you come up with this idea? – but I did hit on a few good talking points. Oh, and then I accidentally left my recorder on – so if you listen closely, you can hear me order a vodka drink from the bar after I ask Steven to pose for a picture in front of his logo and we walk back into the heart of the party:


You might’ve heard Steven mentioned Walter Payton mural just got finished earlier in the day.

Andy Dick was the only Cameo celebrity I spotted in attendance.  Andy even says in the quote he gives me here that he’s the only one they flew in (although he notes he wasn’t supposed to say that haha) :


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