Bulls Fire Hoiberg – Did Not See That Coming!

Fred Hoiberg has been canned by the Bulls and Jim Boylen will take over. I honestly thought Hoiberg was safe and sound at least through this season. He kinda got a raw deal with injuries, tanks and bad roster mixes for a few years. But he also got $25 mil guaranteed so don’t shed any tears. I guess a change couldn’t hurt.

Paxson and Hoiberg always seemed to be on the same page, that’s why this is so surprising. He was the guy Gar Forman and Pax wanted when they unceremoniously dumped Thibs. The offensive guru. Now, he’ll go down in Bulls history as Tim Floyd 2.0. I’m sure a reporter with some inside sources will find out exactly what caused the final breakdown. Perhaps I shouldn’t be shocked when a team with one of the worst records fires the coach, but in this case, I am. I remember something about judging Fred on player development, not wins and losses. Maybe that was more last season and less this year.

I’m happy Boylen is getting a chance, for this reason: Maybe there will be more accountability on defense. Boylen is a D guy, and the Bulls defense has been ugly…I mean hard to watch. If the defense gets better, I’m Team Boylen.

Tomorrow night in Indiana. The Jim Boylen era begins. Let’s get one.

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